I guess you could call this my 'Blog', I have never really understood the concept of a Blog,
except that it is where people have their say and it is a word mentioned on the news more often than not these days.

I very seldom read the papers, I find it incredibly depressing, very bad for my blood pressure and the feeling of helplessness when reading about some issues gets me into such a state that it is better for all concerned if I just stick my head in the sand and ignore what is going on, the problem with sticking ones head in the sand, is that it often leaves ones butt exposed, and exposed butts normally get kicked.

Reading the Letters page in the Herald on the 31st October 2006 was for me a kick in the rear, more specifically the cutting down of two old fig trees where egrets were nesting, I was appalled years ago when they cut down the other trees due to the egrets, who were there long before anyone else, to see that this has happened again, and all in the name of profit makes me so mad that I could not even sleep thinking about it.

I remember when the trees were cut down around the school years ago, due to the mess and noise, well the trees have gone, but not the mess, or the noise, but now its the pupils and not the birds at fault.

Perhaps no one will even read this page, perhaps those that do won't care, but I have to do something.
If you have any comments re this subject, please e-mail them to me at blog@sa-transport.co.za, you will have to copy and paste the address, spammers are another problem that is bad for my blood pressure.

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The Original Article by Guy Rogers 26th October 2006
Link: http://www.theherald.co.za/herald/2006/10/26/news/n09_26102006.htm

Consternation over felling of two old wild fig trees in Walmer

The Letters in The Herald 31st October 2006
Link: http://www.theherald.co.za/herald/edlets/edl01_31102006.htm

Can‘t be winning nation if don‘t care for nature

The picture, which does not appear in the link above

Broken birds' eggs lie on top of wild fig branches after
trees were felled in Walmer, disturbing nesting egrets.
Picture:  Donovan Landon

According to Wayne Vauqulin of Davau Developments
“The birds were a health hazard. They brought ticks and fleas, and the place stank. I was getting continuous pressure from my restaurant tenant to get rid of them.”

I, for one, definitely second what Tony said:-

"I am certainly one of those who will boycott Madison‘s Restaurant."


Egrets silhouetted in the evening sky, after the carnage of their young.

Some Comments

Is anyone monitoring the felling of trees in Walmer, or is it just a free for all?
Not a day goes by that I don't see a tree being cut down somewhere, some for obvious reasons, some just seem to be for the hell of it. Does anyone monitor this, aren't there any bylaws that prohibit cutting down trees unless they endanger life or are genuinely in danger of falling down in the wind?

Are Developers a law unto themselves?
Davau Developments director Wayne Vauqulin said the trees were on property owned by his company and he was entitled to cut them down if he chose to.

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