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Fire and Rescue Vehicle Photos

Fire and Rescue Vehicle Photos

in South and Southern Africa

Fire and Rescue Vehicle Photos

Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle Photo Index

Page Description Updated
Fire Trucks Page 1 Bedford, Dennis, GMC, International, Isuzu 27-10-2009
Fire Trucks Page 2 Iveco, Landrover, Leyland, Magirus, Magirus Deutz, MAN 27-10-2009
Fire Trucks Page 3 Mercedes, Merryweather, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Samil, Toyota, Unimog, Unknown vehicles  
Fire General Photos Miscellaneous Fire fighting photos, Diving etc  
Fire Fighting Helicopters Page 1 Aerospatiale Super Frelon, Bell Huey UH-1H, Garlick UH-1H 27-10-2009
Fire Fighting Helicopters Page 2 Kazan / Mil Mi8 27-10-2009
Fire Fighting Planes Page 1 Ayres S2R 28-10-2009
Fire Fighting Planes Page 2 Cessna, PZL-Mielec 28-10-2009
Fire Fighting Planes Page 3 PZL-Mielec, Rockwell 28-10-2009
Rescue Vehicles Page 1 NSRI, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Iveco, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, VW, Helicopters  
Rescue Vehicles Page 2 Rescue Exercise PE 26-07-2006 - Messerschmitt Bolkow Blohm MBB BK117A-3, SAAF - 385, 15th Squadron and Eurocopter AS 350 B-3 Police Helicopter  

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Photos submitted by:-

CD : Craig Duckham
DC : Webmaster
RG : Richard Gillatt
NG : Neil Gargon
DW : Derek Walker
DJ : Daniel Joubert
DvdB : Danie van den Berg
CB : Colyn Brookes
The South End fire station in Port Elizabeth regularly hosts school groups and educates them on fire safety.  Here an excited group of primary school pupils get some safety tips and a tour of the station from Pumla Matebe and Thamie.
The Port Elizabeth (NMMM) Fire department did some excellent work at the CPA Fair today, encouraging enthusiastic youngsters to feel the thrill of being a fireperson.  Fantastic way to recruit the next generation.  My 7 yr old went higher than he has ever been, my feet were planted firmly on terra-firma but he thought nothing of jumping on board and going up to the sky.  Simon Snorkel is definitely a favourite.  More pics on the Fire page.

For the Fire Fighting fan here is a link to two books which will definitely be of interest.

Amongst Men

Author: Daniel Joubert

A personal account of a South African Fireman.

Paperback, 200 Pages, A5

Just Done Productions

Amongst Men - A personal account of a South African Fireman, Author Daniel Joubert
Life and Death of a Fire Service
Author:  Daniel Joubert
Daniel Joubert's story of 15 years as Orkney Fire Chief. This is the second half of the story begun in "Amongst Men". It is a story that will make you weep, and will allow you to get an intimate glimpse into the trials and tribulations that face Fire-Fighters on a daily basis. Some of the stories and photos are shocking, but they all contribute to our understanding of something that we take for granted; that when there is a fire or emergency, the Fire-Brigade comes at our call.Paperback, 174 Pages, A5

Just Done Productions

The Life and Death of a Fire Service, Author Daniel Joubert

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