Frieda steams forward alone - Diamond Fields Advertiser - 27th March 1986

THE only working Class 25 condensing locomotive in South Africa - No 3511 'Frieda' - can be seen in Kimberley.

South African Transport Services regional manager, Mr B Berndt, said the serious lack of water on the early main line between Touws River and De Aar prompted the SAR to investigate the use of condensing locomotives on this section.

Ninety Class 25 conden-
sers  were  ordered and

JUST loco about Frieda  --  Mr W J Burger (left) and Mr C J Harmse of the South African Transport Services in  Kimberley with the only working 25 Class condenser locomotive in South Africa -- No 3511 'Frieda'.

built   by   North  British
Locomotive Company and Henschel and Sohn jointly. Henschel and Sohn supplied the first locomotive and 60 condensing tenders, and North British Locomotive Company supplied the tenders,     
  and North British Locomotive Company supplied the remaining 89 locomotives  and 30 tenders.

The exhaust steam does not escape through the blast pipe and out through the chimney, but rather circulates to an air-cooled condenser in the tender.  The water is then recycled back to the boiler. Because

  of the sophisticated  maintenance  required on these engines, all except two of the 25 Class locomotives were converted to the  Class 25 NC non-condensing locomotives between August 1973 and 1980. Only one Class 25 is still in steam No 3511 'Frieda'.

Frieda was built in 1953 by North British Locomotive Company. Her total mass is 239 tonnes and total length 32.8 metres.