Awkward Exhibit for Museum's Transport Hall - E.P. Herald - 1970 (NG10 No 61)

Members of the Museum and Railways staff gathered outside the Port Elizabeth Museum today for "Operation Loco" which involved the transfer of an old steam engine and tender on to the roof of the new Transport Hall at the Museum.

The engine and tender were formerly used on the narrow gauge Langkloof line. The steam engine -the first exhibit for the Transport Hall  -  was donated by the Railways.

Today crews of workmen brought the tender from the Humewood locomotive depot to the Museum. The tender was lifted on to a low-bed trailer by a breakdown crane.

Here workmen can be seen trying to get the tender on to temporary rails leading down to the roof of the packing rooms of the Transport Hall.

"This is a very tricky operation," said Mr H. L. Huisman, Port Elizabeth's Harbour Engineer, who was directing operations.

The engine, which weighs about 30 tons, was donated to the Museum two years ago. The engine is expected to be taken to the Museum late today or early tomorrow.