Steam on the narrow-gauge  Narrow-minded
SASSAR - Mr O.A. van Wyk - June 1970


A class NG 13 with Its formidable looking tender specially designed with a low centre of gravity.
This engine once served on the South West narrow gauge lines








Right: Class N.G.13 (ex S.W.A.) ready to depart from Humansdorp to Port Elizabeth. The outward swinging seats are useful on these small engines and especially in the summer months when the crew can sit outside the hot cab

NARROW-MINDED  Left: This Class N.G.13 shows a tremendous overhang on the 2 ft. gauge on the Port Elizabeth-Humansdorp section. This photograph, which was taken in 1965, shows this impudent little puffer with original headlight. Like their bigger brothers they are now also equipped with twin sealed beam headlights.