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May 2010


The 2010 FIFA World Cup football competition is about to begin and not to be outdone; the staff at the workshop depot and the loco footplate staff decided to don their official yellow South African team jerseys in a show of support for the national side. Maybe with a little bit of steam power behind the South African team, they can achieve something great in the competition.

Everyone sporting their yellow football jerseys


As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Humewood Road steam depot has been earmarked for demolition. This is currently underway and is almost complete. Here is a selection of photographs recently taken showing what is happening there.

Here the wooden sheds have all gone and the locomotive service pits have been filled in.

A couple of the buildings which are older than sixty years are considered heritage buildings and cannot be demolished unless permission is granted by the S.A. Heritage Resources Agency. To prevent further vandalism to the buildings left standing, all the windows and doors have been bricked up for safe keeping. The wooden sheds were considered too unsafe in their vandalised state to remain standing and were demolished.
The station buildings which the Apple Express Company lease from Transnet have been spared. The two badly vandalised toilet buildings next to the station building have been demolished. As a result, the lack of toilet facilities on the station will now have to be addressed. There is thought of building a single toilet cubicle inside the old ticket office.

The beginning of the end, of the carpenter’s workshop.

The carpenter’s shop is no more.

Tracks have also been lifted. It is not known what has happened to all the freight wagons
that were parked on these sidings. Presumably carried away as scrap metal.

The lifted rails have been re-laid at the diesel depot. It is not known why this particular section
has been laid on/next to the tarred access road that leads to the rear of the diesel depot.

As said, it seems like all the unwanted freight wagons are being cut up for scrap metal.

These two pictures show the death of wooden fruit wagon number 2837.


The restoration of passenger coach no. 83 is progressing slowly. During the strip down, it was found that the woodwork on the coach was in a very sorry state, the result of many years of exposure to the weather.

Wood rot on a door of coach no.83

Editor: Clive Fife

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