Mackay Sugar Cane Railway Narrow Gauge Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives and Sugar Cane Railway Operations

atellite image of Mackay Sugar Cane Railway lines and sidings
Satellite image of Mackay Sugar Cane Railway lines and sidings - 309kbs
Mackay is in Queensland, approximately 1000km north of Brisbane.  They operate a private railway that supplies sugar cane from farmers throughout the district to four sugar mills.

The railway consists of a fleet of 45 locomotives dedicated to cane haulage, 13, 000 cane “bins” and operates over approximately 850km of track.  Narrow Gauge Track.  Locomotives are Diesel Hydraulic.

Sugar cane is mostly grown on the tropical coast of Australia. There are 29 sugar mills in Australia. 25 are located in Queensland, 3 in New South Wales and 1 in West Australia.  All of the New South Wales mills and the one in Western Australia use road transport to haul their sugar cane to the factories.  Of the 25 mills in Queensland, 22 use private railways to haul their cane to the factories.  All of these are 2 foot gauge except for Pioneer Sugar mill near Ayr which operates a 3’6” gauge rail network.

The 4 current Mills

Farleigh Mill
Farleigh Mill
Marian Mill
Marian Mill
Pleystowe Mill
Pleystowe Mill
Racecourse Mill
Racecourse Mill

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Old North Eton Mill Site
Old Cattle Creek Mill

Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives
94 class (ex NSWGR 73 class) Shunting Units
Baldwin 32 ton
Clyde 18t and 24t
ComEng 18t and 21t
Eimco 40 ton
Jenbach (Bundeberg) 6wDM
Walkers GH 500 ex QR DH Class

Bins, Couplings, Tipplers and Road Transport
Central Traffic Office
Drawbridge and Catch-points

Training Simulator
Storage, Track and Maintenance

The Famous Church Hill gradient. Ruling grade is 1:20
The Famous Church Hill

Farleigh Mill's
 Church Hill gradient.

Ruling grade is 1:20.

"It is more fun coming up on a wet night
then going down!!!"



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