George Steam Festival
19th - 26th September 1999

Pictures copyright 1999-2007 - Trevor Staats

I have broken the report of the George Steam Festival into 4 parts, one part for each of the days I was at the Festival, from the 23rd of September until the 26th.

Thanks to Alan Duff for organising the Steam Festival and making sure everything happened as it was supposed to. Thanks also to the Transnet Heritage Foundation and all of their staff who kept the coal shovelled, the locos watered and the trains running!

23rd September - Morning Goods (19D), Union Limited Montagu (19D+GMAM), Camfer Special (GL)
24th September - Morning Goods (2 x 19D), Union Limited Wilderness (19D+GMAM), Choo Tjoe Wilderness (2 x 19D), Special to Power (GB)
25th September - Special to Oudtshoorn (GEA)
26th September - Special to Outeniqua (ZASM B), Special to Groot Brakrivier (7A+7BS), Special from Hartenbos (GMAM)

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