SANRASM REGM Steam Ramble Photos and Report
22 August 1999

SANRASM ran another of their popular REGM Steam Rambles again on 22nd August. The train of 6 coaches including the Shashi and Phantom Pass diners was packed with passengers, who all enjoyed a tour of the REGM system. The train left the SANRASM site at around 11:30 a.m. and headed down towards Randfontein. A quick stop at Cooke Recovery Plant to collect a feeder tank, then south to Cooke 1 and Cooke 2. The train turned on the triangle at Cooke 2, and the 14R performed for the cameras near the road overbridge south of Cooke 1. From there we took the Doornkop branch, where another runpast was held. The train was turned again at Doornkop and we coasted back to Midload, where the loco ran around to run tender first up to Cooke Recovery Plant. We were shunted into the siding there whilst the feeder tanks was put away. 1909 then put on a grand display of steamy action as she hauled the train tender-first up the hefty grades back to the SANRASM site. Thanks to SANRASM for a great day.

Pictures captured from a Sony TRV-7 video camera - Pictures Copyright Trevor Staats 1999

Runpast number 1, and 14R 1909 belts past at a furious pace!

Runpast number 2 on the Doornkop branch. Things are a little more sedate as 14R 1909 rounds the curve heading towards the Recovery Plant.

14R 1909 heaves the train upgrade towards Krugersdorp as the sun dips lower in the West.


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