Pictures uploaded  -  9th August 2005

Trains and Rail
Mackay Sugar Cane Rail
NEW    Bins and Couplings
94 class loco Netherdale, hauling bins
End view 6tonne bin
Side view 6t bin
W' bracket on 6t bin
Empty 15t
Loaded 15t
M' bracket on 15t and bogey
Older and cruder link and pin coupling on the 4t bins 
Willison automatic couplers 
1/2 Willison automatic coupler fitted to 6t bins 
1/2 Willisons between the 6t bins coupled 
3/4 Willisons uncoupled
3/4 Willisons coupled 
Melba long drop off bridge
Close up of the Melba
Sheltam Locos being loaded on board the MUR freighter 
African Sanderling, bound for the Nacala corridor. 
4 Sheltam locos - Durban - Terry Huston
Sheltam No 12 - Durban - Terry Huston
Sheltam No 17 - Durban - Terry Huston
Sheltam No 17 and 14 - Durban - Terry Huston