SAR Class 19D 4-8-2 (series 4) Locomotive

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SAR Class 19D  4-8-2 (series 4)
Numbers: 3321- 3370

Introduced in 1949
Built by North British Loco Co
Standard 1A Boiler


Loco. 152 Tons 19 cwt


200 lbs


21" x 26"

Driving Wheels



31 850 lbs

Walschaerts Valve Gear
Note: All information and data is based on the type as it was in 1966.
Locos still extant at that date were 3321-3370.

All locos of this series were originally fitted with the MX tender shown here - these were later also fitted to other 19D and some 19C locos. Those series 4 locos that lost their torpedo tenders were then fitted with short tenders.


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