Rhodesian Railways Class DE2 Locomotive

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Numbers: 1200-1234
Introduced 1955
Building continued until 1958
Built by English Electric, Preston
Weight Loco. 113 tons 0cwt
Pressure 180lbs
Configuration 1-Co+Co-1
Driving wheels 3'1.5"
Power 1,710 h.p.
All information and data is based on the type as it was in 1966.
Still extant in 1966: 1200-1208, 1210-1212, 1214-1234.

Locomotives 1206, 1211, 1212, 1218-1220, 1222, 1225, 1232 were re-engined in 1982, using reconditioned engines from withdraw British Railways Class 40 locos.

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