SAR Type DZ-7 Bogie open dropside wagon

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SAR Type DZ-7 Bogie open dropside wagon
Numbers:  14701-14900, 21452-22000, 109801-116000,130001-140000, 164001-169000, 169201-171200, 185067-187148, 213201-214187, 214201-217667, 217701-218600, 221401-223400
Introduced 1936
Building continued until 1967
Load 42 tons (36 tons coal)
Tare 21 tons 6.6 cwt average
Volume 1,096 cubic feet
All information and data is based on the type as it was in 1966.
The DZ-7 was the most numerous sub-type of all wagons on the SAR - some 29 000 were built over a 40 year period
Drawing is to a scale of 120:1

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