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"NO ZONE" is an USA initiative implemented in 1994 to try and
cut down on their annual 200 000 truck and bus accidents.

In South Africa there are an average number of 1 500 [reported]  truck and bus accidents a year that involve one or more fatalities.  Approximately 200 of the fatalities are the actual drivers of the truck or bus.  Unfortunately I cannot find any statistics that cover accidents between trucks/buses and cars.  However anyone with common sense will probably note that the drivers and passengers of a car are most likely to come off worst in one of these collisions.   You don't have to be a rocket scientist  to work out that a 40 ton truck colliding with a 1Ĺ ton car normally equals - Trucks 1 - Cars 0


Lean about the NO ZONE

Why a NO ZONE Page here?    Why not?

A friend of mine, Justin, in Cape Town brought the USA No Zone stuff to my attention -
he works on one of those really impressive heavy duty breakdown rigs and has seen
some horrific stuff over time. 

By way of introduction to this page read what Justin said to me.....

The reason I am suggesting a No Zone page is because of all the wrecks that we work at, that could have been prevented, as well as all the STUPID things I see people do every day.
Car drivers donít see things the way that trucker's do. A car driver sees a gap in traffic and takes it. Between cars that's fine, but that gap may have been the space a trucker has left - for himself to stop. A gap in front of a truck, is a stopping gap, end of story, not an act of kindness to let a car push in.

Everyone knows trucks don't stop that quickly, but they don't think about that when they are driving in their cars.

I've seen it first hand unfortunately. Experience is the one thing people mostly learn from, but when you get run over by a 40+ton truck, you don't usually get a second chance. There are no "If only's....." Here's an example: Say you are approaching a robot in a truck. The light is 100m ahead, you are fully loaded, you plan your stopping distance in case the light changes, the light does change, you have enough stopping distance at this point, cars are on both sides of you, passing you as you approach the robot . . . . . .

Then a couple of cars see that the lane next to them is empty - your lane - and want to be closer to the front of the queue when they stop at the robot. They go into your lane, now you don't have enough stopping distance?. . . . . . . . . . Oh sh*t!!!

You literally stand on the brakes, one of two things can happen now. 

The first scenario is the whole rig jackknifes and takes out most of the cars on both sides of the road and probably overturns. . . .
The second scenario is the truck slides straight into all the cars in front of it and those cars hit all the surrounding cars. . . . . . . .
Bear in mind - when a truck hits you from behind - it not like a car - it goes OVER what it hits. Great choice for a driver - isn't it?
Why did this all happen, because the people in the cars didn't think, that's what everything comes down to.




What can YOU do to try and make a difference and stop the carnage on our roads?

Read the following and help to educate your fellow motorists.

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