SAR Type AA-38 Kitchen car (twin unit with A-37)

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SAR Type AA-38 Kitchen car (twin unit with A-37)

Numbers:  331-339

Built by Wegmann Company, Germany
Introduced 1958
Building continued until 1959
Sleep 14 catering staff plus kitchen facilities.
Roller bearings

Tare 57 tons 0 cwt

All information and data is based on the type as it was in 1966.
Coaches 331 and 332 were originally painted for use on the Blue Train, 333-335 for use on the Orange Express.
However 332 was repainted red and grey in March 1965.
333 was repainted red and grey by 1966.
Matched with cars 101-109 in numerical sequence (e.g. 101 matched with 331, 102 with 332 etc.)
Note also that apartheid was being enforced at that time and coaches designated with a -C suffix had the relevant markings as shown in these drawings.

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