SAR Type E-12 Second class mainline coach

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SAR Type E-12 Second class mainline coach

Numbers:  1497-1504, 1506, 1510-1549, 1551-1555, 1557, 1558, 1560-1565, 1567-1574, 1576-1582, 1584-1588, 1590-1612, 1614-1660, 1662-1665, 1669-1670

Built at SAR Workshops, Uitenhage, Bloemfontein, Pretoria
(1497-1549, 1567-1615, 1641-1670 were imported)
Introduced 1920
Building continued until 1930
Seat 42 x 2nd class passengers or sleep 42 x 2nd class passengers.
10" x 4.5" journals

Tare varies between 35 tons 7.6 cwt and 38 tons

All information and data is based on the type as it was in 1966.
Note also that apartheid was being enforced at that time and coaches designated
with a -C suffix had the relevant markings as shown in these drawings.

Copyright Susan Lawrence 2004

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