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A Collection of photographs relating to transport in South and Southern Africa.

Mainly South Africa Photos but also our neighbouring countries,
Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, etc, and a couple of overseas ones

I would like to apologize for my absence over the last few months, we are busy building a house in the bundu (google it). 
This will probably take till the end of the year so please forgive me for not answering e-mails as I have no internet access on the farm
and doubt whether I will have in before the end of the year.  If you need me urgently re a photo or something please sms me on 082 8432 439

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I am always on the look out for photos of transport, whether new or old, if you have any that you would like me to put on the site (credit will be given)  please send me an Link to e-mail address

The Port Elizabeth Apple Express
NG Express Newsletter September 2009

JOIN MyPE and interact with your city.

Do YOU live in Port Elizabeth, are you going to be visiting Port Elizabeth?

If YES then there are a couple of things you cannot miss seeing, The PE Apple Express and the SAAF Museum, the Apple Express is unique to the Eastern Cape and the way things are going, soon to be unique to South Africa, a trip on this Narrow Gauge train is a must for locals and visitors alike, we need your support, as an individual and as a Company, there is no better way to treat your staff or clients than a trip down memory lane.
The SAAF Museum - PE is another little gem tucked away in PE, did you know they have a mirage, an impala, a vampire and other planes in the museum, here is a chance to see one of these planes close up, and to show your kids a bit of our heritage.  Directions to the SAAF Museum.
A visit to the Ron Belling Art Galley is also a must.  His Aviation art, as well as Marine art is outstanding and not something to be missed, some of his artwork can be seen at the SAAF Museum - PE.

See a bit more of PE from my point of view

For a true South African Experience....

Lalibela Game Reserve

Lalibela Game Reserve

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